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Strategic Negotiation & Conflict Management

Learn how to turn adversaries into partners through an unconventional approach to negotiation and conflict management.

Together we:


  1. Develop a framework for negotiation success

  2. Examine effective techniques that will help you create value

  3. Discover what to do when you are overpowered, stonewalled, or face a tough bargaining opponent

  4. Prepare to negotiate more skilfully, confidently and effectively


Third Party Mediation

Through a non-traditional approach to mediation, parties are empowered to work together, to uncover the real issues beneath the conflict that has brought them to a point of impasse.

In a process that gives parties transparency and control over how to best resolve their dispute, I help people:

  1. Open effective roads of communication

  2. Understand the underlying issues that are blocks to resolving their conflict

  3. Identify interests as the framework for constructing creative win-win solutions



Bess has trained as a mediator at the Harvard University Program on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution


Talks That

Shift Mindsets
& Inspire Action

An inspiring, engaging and dynamic speaker, with a wide range of experience in negotiation and conflict resolution, Bess speaks passionately about paving roads to ‘yes’ through conflict in a way that leaves everyone involved empowered, both emotionally and practically.

Sharing her experiences through years in high-level ‘warfare’ in the courtroom and high-stakes ‘diplomacy’ in business, she dissects the propensity of our human nature in the face of conflict, and its often, catastrophic impact.

In her compelling talks, Bess deconstructs the underpinnings of conflict, and shares invaluable tools to skilfully navigate and resolve it. 

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