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About Bess

My Story

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a passion for helping people solve difficult situations. This led to me becoming a litigator at 24.


At 26 I was the youngest partner in the law firm, rigorously trained as a warrior, with a track record of wins.


But after years of experience - in high-level courtrooms and high-stakes boardrooms - I came to a sobering realization. 


Despite the success I had achieved, I knew the courtroom had never offered resolution. 


Results perhaps.  Winners and losers, yes. But over and over I witnessed the wreckage that the conflict left behind live on.


Winning did not mean truly solving and it never made those involved truly whole.


My experience as a trial lawyer brought me to the work I do today as an architect of roads to ‘yes’. I help people deconstruct conflict by taking the road less travelled – the road that begins with understanding the other’s story, in order to build customized solutions that meet the needs of both sides. 

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